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” If you ever want to know about a place, get to know its people. “

From swarming crowds to the crazy masala of auto-rickshaws, pedestrians and animals, all converging in the streets– the first time visitor can feel overwhelmed by the chaos and yet, still emerge having felt this was an initiation into India’s celebration. Persevering & passionate. India has its heart rooted in religious traditions, resourcefulness and a driving unity to keep its wheels turning, no matter how great the feat. Sacred cows and puja rituals, electrifying festivals and colorful saris, there’s only one word to describe it all‚Ķ  simply Incredible! Nepal  inspires notions of being the ultimate trekker’s paradise. But it’s not just the majestic Mt. Everett or mystical Himalayas, OM-echoing valley vistas, festivals or prayer flags which invite you in. Nepal is the home of ” Brotherhood Chai” where life, religion and strangers cross paths in harmony, as if they had been lifelong friends. Life is not easy for Nepal’s people or their children, but you wouldn’t recognize it in their spirit. The Nepalese’s proud tradition and hospitality rises to distinction above its hardships, to embrace life (and passing travelers) with a gentle, friendly and welcoming heart. Namaste!   More at