You can sightsee Bangkok or do more. Bangkok is a traveler’s hub destination and it’s an easy and convenient country to travel. Here’s 41 Things to Do in Bangkok (Part 2: Downtown) . I’ll show you how to make the most of your trip! Download the Bangkok Travel Survival Secrets ebook (Coming Soon)  

41 THINGS TO DO IN BANGKOK (Part 2: OLD City #1-15)

I love visiting #Bangkok Thailand. It’s really like two cities in one — an old city and an modern one. They’re like night and day. This video is on what you can do in Bangkok Old City, or what I like to call, Historical Bangkok. This is a two part video with tips and cultural insight. For travelers who don’t know what section they want to stay in, these videos will help shape your decision. Keep an eye out for the 41 Best Things to Do in Bangkok (Part II: Downtown Bangkok). Many more surprises there on getting the most out of your trip! Bangkok Travel Survival e-guides to come in the future! Read my Guide on Getting ARound: Bangkok Transportation: http://grrrltraveler.com/sightseeing/

20 BEST THINGS TO DO IN PAI (ปาย )THAILAND | Thailand Top Destinations

Just a 3 hour mini van ride from Chiang Mai, is Pai (ปาย ), a little hippie Thai backpacker haven filled with funky boutique shops, cafes and a laid back friendly attitude. Part vlog, here’s a list of

20 BEST THINGS TO DO IN PAI (ปาย )THAILAND | Thailand Top Destinations

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BEST THINGS TO DO IN CHIANG DAO (เชียงดาว) IN 48 HOURS | Thailand Top Destinations

Chiang Dao (เชียงดาว) is a small town north of Chiang Mai and its known for it’s huge limestone mountain and cave temple. I’m going to Ban Tham, a 15 minute drive to the village beside that cave. Here’s Best Things to Do in chiang dao. Read more on my blog: http://wp.me/pNFhP-clY