Top 40 Things to Do in New York City | NYC Top Attractions Guide

Everything in New York happens with speed and efficiency. This quick NYC insider travel guide for sightseeing in Manhattan will take you through Things to Do, Eat and Neighborhoods to check out. It will guide you through the top attractions in NYC. Activities are listed by neighborhood so you can tackle this itinerary easily. I’ve lived in New York City for close to nine years. Recently, I was back for a week for my Travel Channel callback audition and decided to see what sightseeing I could pack into my trip.  

10 Things to Do Coney Island | Brooklyn #NYC Travel Insider

A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete without a stopover at Coney Island. Coney Island is known for being one of the oldest and largest amusement parks in America. It’s also a treasure trove of historical landmarks. Today we’re going to take you inside some of the top must-see sights that make Coney Island an American icon. With me today is my good friend Anna, a local New Yorker. She’ll also be sharing some of her favorite things to do here.    

Top 5 ♥ Travel Tips for Surviving New York City | #NYC

Life in New York City revolves around three things: time, speed and efficiency. In fact a lot of Manhattanites live by daily mental check lists and feel like they never have enough time to everything they want and need to do. Today I’m going to share with you my top 5 travel tips for surviving the Big Bad Apple (aka New York City).    

Halal Food Trucks in New York City | The Halal Guys Review ..hype?

I’ve always loved getting food from the Halal Food trucks in New York City. They’re cheap, filling and there are a lot of them. But with many truck menus being similar, it’s hard to say what the difference in the food could be. But today, I’m doing ‘The Halal Guys’ Review, as the Halal Guys have a has hit the midtown streets as the new rage. With customers lined up half a block, I had grand expectations for it. Are the Halal Guys hype or the real thing? Well, watch and see!      

Food Trucks in New York City | Street Foods #NYC

Wanna know where to get the best, quickest and cheapest coffee in #NewYork? It’s the breakfast trucks! New York has a wonderful street food scene. Due to it’s fast-paced, high action life, a lot of things need to be ordered to go… like breakfast. Enter the breakfast trucks. SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: