Top 20 Things to Do in Los Angeles | LA Top Attractions Guide

Los Angeles. Entertainment capital of the world. Ready for it? Here’s a travel guide of the 20 Best things to do in Los Angeles and top attractions in LA. Watch this video and read my post for details. For more information, read Things to Know Before you Go to Los Angeles.


Top 4 Weird (but Fun) Museums in Los Angeles

Hollywood is all sunshine and glamor, but it also goes by another nickname… Hollyweird. And that name can be fitting. Here’s my top 4 favorite and fun weird museums. Read my post for a bonus fifth museum.


Reasons to Visit Venice Beach

If there’s one beach that has that complete L.A. Hollywood vibe, Venice Beach is it. Venice Beach is one of the U.S.’s top boardwalk beaches, with fun, sand, hippie characters and lots of entertainment and shopping. It’s also got the infamous Muscle Beach where body builders go to get a tan and pump a little iron to please the crowds. Watch this Travel Guide of the top attractions of Venice Beach. Read more here.    

Hiking Tips for Runyon Canyon: Top Attractions Travel L.A.

The thing about hiking Runyon Canyon is not that it’s like a really intense hike. If nothing, I rate it about a 4 or 5 out of 10. If the smog is thick, you’ll be breathing heavily and you won’t want to be out on trails. But today is a medium type of day. It’s a great hiking spot. There’s a couple of trails. The wraparound is around 3 miles. It’s known as an industry park, so you’ll hear people talking about Hollywood and auditions and stuff like that. Also there’s a lot of people on this trail. But because there’s so much people and beacuse this is L.A., an image-conscious type of city, you might want to think about what you wear.     ==================== SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: